Agile Tour Beirut 2014 : j’y serais !

Deux sessions pour moi au programme de cet Agile Tour Beirut !


Scrum Shu Ha Ri

En voici le teaser

Most of time, when we start agility, we think about « doing agile ». In truth, it’s rather about being agile. And being agile is becoming agile, again and again. Agile is not a destination, it’s a journey.

During this session, we will have a different look at Scrum. We will discover a framework that can help you in each and every step of your journey. Scrum owns the qualities to do it. This is why we should appreciate Scrum.

Together, we will engage the « Scrum Journey ». This is a 3 steps journey and there is no shortcuts ! We borrowed names from martial arts, we call them Shu, Ha and Ri.

Shu belongs to apprentices. It’s for people discovering Scrum. It’s about putting Scrum in practice right !

Ha is about improvement. Once you master the basic Scrum, it’s time to adapt the practices or use new ones.

Reaching Ri is reaching the master level. Here we innovate, we reinvente our own way to be agile, based on values and meaning of agility.

This session is a perspective on your next journey. We want to help you start peacefully, staying away from mistakes or misdirections. And enjoy rediscovering Scrum in a new way each time !

Un carpaccio, un !

Cette fois, il s’agit d’un atelier. En voici le teaser

All agile approaches focus on working on small pieces of features. But development teams as well as business-oriented peoples (like Product Owners in Scrum) struggle to split functionalities into small chunks. They claim that it doesn’t make sense. On the other side, we met teams that split features from a technical perspectives, a strategy that matter only for the development team.

Yet, the feature split is possible more often than not. It’s often a question of practice and discipline.

During this workshop, we’ll train ourselves to split features to the extreme with a hard constraint on realization duration. Because, we will not only talk and imagine slicing, we will also argue about it and put it in practice through a programming episode led into very small slices.

Agile Tour Beirut 2014 : j’y serais !


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